Designed and Installed with You in Mind

We understand that our workspace is your home. That is why we take extra care and attention to make our time in your home count. Not only will we protect your home, but we will make sure your security camera installation experience is nothing short of amazing. Our licensed technicians and installation experts will approach your home with respect, consideration, and never make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Get in touch with us today to set up your free consultation.

Step 1

Talk to a System Specialist

Do it right the first time by talking to a SafeStreets Smart Security Pro. Our experts will work with you to customize a home security system to fit your home and your needs. No system is too small or too large for our security system installation.

Step 2

Meet The Experts

After setting up an appointment, our team will come to your home for an on-time and well-prepared first impression. We will also go through your home, performing a clean, considerate, and discerning professional consultation for your alarm installation.

Step 3

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

After setting up your system, our licensed technicians will perform a discrete, interactive, and level installation. Our SafeStreets Smart Security Pros will customize and install your system for you ensuring that your system is working correctly from the start. You won't need to lift a finger.

Step 4

Take Control of Your System

Once your home security and security cameras are fully installed, our team will provide you with a complete demonstration of your program. This customer demonstration gives your entire family the confidence they need to run the system properly.

Step 5

Rest Easy with 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

With over 140 years of experience in the home security industry, no company is more qualified to monitor and help protect your home than ADT. SafeStreets provides 24/7 ADT alarm monitoring services meaning an expert will be there 24/7/365 safeguard your home.